Andrianna's reading was right on the mark!  She interpreted the cards wonderfully and brought such warmth and understanding to the reading. I know she is going to be a great Angel Card Reader, and wish her every success in the future.   -  Sarah S.

She's over the top spot on and she's truly blessed and very gifted by all means. I love her honesty and her energy is simply lovely and up lifting. I'm planning to go to her time and time again. Great going sister!!!    -  Bella Rose F. 

Andrianna gave me an Honest and Insightful reading!  The cards did not unfold with the message I had "wanted" to hear?  She was able to gently guide me in the right direction with her interpretation. I knew in my heart it was the right message - I had just not wanted to hear it at the time.  It has been extremely affirming to know that I've been in the  right place with my path and Andrianna helped me with that!!  Highly Recommend her for an HONEST and HELPFUL Reading!!!  

-  Karen E.

Andrianna was right on with her reading not who I thought it would be with but she was still right on with her reading. Thanks, you're the best.  -  Christopher C.

Andrianna is very spot on with her reading she gave me.  Thank you so much blessings to you for all your help    -  Janet L.


Andrianna gave me some wonderful readings that really helped me make some good decisions and pointed me in the right direction.  She is extremely good at what she does and I would recommend her readings to anyone who needs some direction in their lives!  I will use her again in the future!   -  Kat T.