Face-to-Face, Online Video and Phone Angel Card Readings

Face-to-Face angel card readings are done at Andrianna's home. 30 minute, 45 minute and 60 minute sessions are available.   Online video calls and phone angel card readings are also available. * Please note that phone readings are available within Australia.  

Email Angel Card Readings

There are 3 types of email angel card readings available.  Three card, Five card and the choice of either a Celtic Cross or Multi-deck reading, which are ten card spreads.


Angel Parties

Angel Parties are catered for in the Sydney area. Invite a few friends and book an Angel Party with Andrianna.  Minimum of 4 people - maximum of 6.  There are 2 packages available. Package A - Each person receives a 20 minute angel card reading. Package B - Each person receives a 30 min angel card reading.  Contact us



Handcrafted Jewellery Made By Andrianna

Crystals (semi precious gemstones) are believed to help promote healing. Andrianna commenced making jewellery a few years ago which led her to start her business called Andrianna Jewellery. Andrianna's clients have commented on how they have felt her healing energy in the jewellery she makes.  You can view and purchase her jewellery pieces at andriannajewellery.com.au or you may contact us for more details.