Online Video Call Angel Card Readings

Online Video Call Readings Website V2 July 2021

 The options and pricing for an angel card reading via Online Video Call are as follows:

  • 30-minute reading - $60 AUD
  • 45-minute reading - $90 AUD
  • 60-minute reading - $120 AUD

Online Video Calls are done via Zoom. Once your order is complete, you will be given your choice of available time slots for your reading.  Your reading will then be scheduled and a link for your Zoom call will be emailed to you.  You do not have to have the app.  At the time scheduled, simply click on the link and it will give you the choice to open up in your browser or in the app.  You also have the option to have your reading recorded and sent to you via email at no extra cost. 

* Online Video Call Options: