11 Powerful Ways To Get Rid Of Negativity

Archangel Michael protection cutting cords sword of truth 2017Energy is all around us.  It is in the plants, the trees, the oceans, the rivers, the weather, the animals and humans.   In fact, the entire Universe has and is energy.

We can't see energy most of the time, although mother nature has ways of showing it to us especially in a thunderstorm but we can definitely feel the energy.

Have you ever noticed how you get an instant dislike to someone but can't understand why?  Or you feel an instant connection to them?  This is because of the 'vibe' we feel from them. Some people give off a positive vibe, while others negative.

Perhaps you have you noticed that when you walk into a room you may suddenly feel uncomfortable.  This could be due to someone having an argument there and the toxic energy remained.

We naturally attract people who give off similar vibes to ourselves.  If you're in a negative state, you may feel attracted to people in a negative state and dislike those who are vibrating at a much higher positive level. 

Your home and workplace have concentrations of "your" energy because of the time you spend there.  The words you say, the actions you take and the thoughts you think, are quite strong in your home.

It's important to not only clear out the negative energy in the physical spaces but at the same time clear out the energy that is stuck within you, so you can start a more uplifting, positive trend in your life.

Here are some ways to clear negative energy:

Begin each day on a positive note.

When you wake up thank the universe for the abundance that you have.  Say an affirmation that resonates with you.  This not only helps you attract more things to be grateful for (the law of attraction)  but will also help to lift your mood.

Call upon Archangel Michael. 

You can call upon Archangel Michael to use his sword of light to slice through the negative energies around the space in your home, and transmute them into love and light.  The photo with this article has an example of how you can ask. 

Smudge ceremony.   

White sage is used by the Native Americans to cleanse and remove negative energies.  It can be used to clear the space around your home as well as using it on yourself and others as part of a cleansing ceremony.  Please make sure you use something like a ceramic bowl to rest the smudge stick, so you don't get ash on the carpet and furnishings.  Using a feather can help to waft the smoke around the space being cleared.

Go out in nature.

Going out in nature is a great way to get grounded and to clear the clutter in your head.  Take a walk out in a park, along a river or the beach.  Take deep breaths and be in gratitude for the beauty around you. Stop and smell the roses. Walking also helps you get into "the zone" and you may find that you will hear the spiritual guidance from the angels.

Clear the clutter.

When you get rid of and clear out the clutter and organize your belongings,  you are restoring everything back in order.  Have you noticed how a clear organized space feels light, bright and airy?  This helps to bring high vibrant energies to your space.

Add living plants to your space.

Adding living plants to your space not only helps to purify the air but also help to absorb the negative energy.  An African Violet is a cute little plant which is quite effective in absorbing negative energy.  Please note to avoid getting water on the flowers and leaves.  It is best to use a self-watering pot.

Clap hands or ring a bell.  

Walk around the space in your home while clapping your hands or ringing a bell.  This helps to break up the negative energies and disperse them.

Open windows and doors.  (Unless you live in a poor air quality area.)

Open the windows and doors to let the energy flow freely. Having the house/apartment closed up for long periods of time traps the negative energy making your space feel heavy and draining.  By opening up the windows, and allowing the air flow through,  helps to clear the stagnant energy giving a fresher and lighter feeling to your space.

Avoid negative people.

It is a good idea to set healthy boundaries when it comes to negative people.  Drama queens, complainers, those in victim mode and energy vampires can make you feel drained and worn out.  Try to change the subject or make an excuse to leave, so you can distance yourself from them. After doing so, remember to ask Archangel Michael to cut the ethereal cords.  This helps to cut the energetic connection to them so they can't drain your energy.

Smile and laugh.

As the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine, and this is true.  When you smile and/or laugh, chemicals are released in your brain causing psychological changes, which improve and lift your mood.  When you go out for a walk, smile and say hello to the people you pass by.  You never know what day they are having and not only will you brighten their day, but yours too.

When you're feeling negative emotions.

While you are feeling the negative emotion, say to yourself, "I feel (sad, angry etc.)"  Never say "I AM (sad, angry, etc.)."  Let go of your feelings but don't let go of yourself.  Don't BE the negative energy.

On a final note:  Remember that positive attracts positive - so the more positive YOU are, the more positive energy you'll attract!