How Do I Ask The Angels For Help?

Angel Blog pic 400x600I have often been asked, "How do I ask the angels for help?" Is there a specific way of asking the angels?

Well, the answer to that is no, there is no specific way to ask the angels.

When we first start learning more about the angels, we think that our requests have to be very formal and worded in a particular way.  In actual fact, it doesn't.

You can speak to them like you would speak to your best friends.  Our guardian angels have been around us since the moment we were born.  They know everything about us, they were there when we spoke our first words, when we took our first steps, and even those things you have kept secret and think no one knows, well guess what, your guardian angels know.

Your guardian angels love you and have your best interests at heart, so doesn't it make sense that we can talk to them about anything and everything in our own way?

It's the same thing with the angels and archangels.  Again, we don't need to ask in a specific way or even know which specific archangel does what (although it can help).  The words you use are unimportant because the angels respond to the prayer of your heart, which comprises of your true feelings, desires and questions.  Don't stress about it too much when you need help and are not sure which one to ask. The most important thing is to ask.

 A basic request would be . . . "Please, angels help me with" [the situation you need help with].  Remember to also say thank you at the end. 

A request for the angels to show you a sign can be something like "Please angels, show me a clear sign in the physical world that I will understand the next steps I need to take."

In actual truth, your guardian angels, angels and archangels already know what you need help or guidance with but because of our free will, they have to wait until we ask them for help or to give us the guidance we need to handle the situation at hand.

So remember, it's not how you ask that is important, it's only that you ask.