andriannaA Little About Myself

As a child I was sensitive to the energies of people I came into contact with and as a result, would shy away from them.  As I got older I sensed whether to keep away from certain people or my gut would churn when something was about to happen.  I would sometimes ignore this and say to myself, "oh I'm just being paranoid".  A few days later I would find that my intuition was correct and that I wasn't being paranoid at all.  Once I started my spiritual journey I learnt to trust what I was hearing, feeling and seeing.

Around the year 2000, a friend recommended I read a book about the chakras.  While I did not finish reading the book, it was then that I discovered I could heal.  Since then, I had been sending long distance healing to friends overseas. Recently I discovered through talking to another friend who is a reiki master, that the healing I was doing is reiki.

I bought my first angel oracle card deck back in 2007.  My first deck was Messages From Your Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.  I had always been interested in tarot and angel cards and this was my first step in my spiritual journey.  Around this time, my friend Janet commenced mentoring me on my spiritual path, and I commenced reading the angel oracle cards for my friends.  I loved being able to give my friends the guidance from the angels, with their situations or concerns through the angel card readings.  A few clairvoyants whom I had readings with, told me that I was an earth angel, an empath and a healer, and that they could see me doing angel card readings.

In 2008 I began making handcrafted jewellery.  My main aim was to make gemstone jewellery that had healing properties.  I was steered off the gemstones and into other beads while I was taking jewellery classes.  I am now back to doing what my original intention was and that is to make fashionable healing jewellery. Many of my clients have commented on how they can feel my energy in the jewellery they have purchased and that it made them feel good.

The passion for being an angel/tarot card reader grew stronger and when Doreen Virtue announced the Certified Realm Reader course, I jumped at it and I was one of the first in the world to receive this certification.   It was not long after my Realm Reader certification that I signed up for the Certified Angel Card Reader course by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine and received my certification.  Being mentored by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, gave me the confidence to trust my intuition.

I look forward in being able to use the guidance of the Angels and my intuition, through the angel card readings, in helping you move forward in a positive direction and face the challenges that lie ahead of you.

Sending you Love, Light and Angel Blessings!